Iridium Plate Lapotronic Charge Pad Iridum Plate
TFBP - Chilling Nuclear Reactor TFBP - Chilling

A Fission charge pad is an Industrial Craft 2 Item that acts just like a Pressure Plate. When a Player Stands on it, Given that it is being supplied EU from below the charge pad, the Pad will recharge any type of electric tool of armor that requires EU to function. The Fission charge pad is more expensive that The Lapotronic charge pad as it requires the Lapotronic Charge pad in its Crafting recipe.

Both Charge pads, Fission and Lapotronic, can accept Overclockers to speed up the process of charging whatever the player is carrying. It can accept 48 Overclockers in total. It can also accept efficiency upgrades as well as others. Just type in upgrade in NEI and it will show you more.

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