Grid Filler
Type BuildCraft Machine
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast Resistance  ?
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe
Stackable Yes, 64
Source Mod Buildcraft 3

The Filler is a machine added by BuildCraft 3. It allows for filling of an area marked with Land Marks much faster than the player. It allows for quick and precise filling, with different modes to customize functionality. It runs on Buildcraft MJ , which can be provided by adjacent Engines (Stirling Engines or above), or a Redstone Energy Cell . They use 25 MJ/Per Block Filled (and will max out at 200 MJ/T). To use the Filler, you must make a pattern. One should not place the Filler inside the the marked area, as this may destroy the block.

To add items to Fill, add them in the Filling Resources section. The Filler will go left to right, and then top to bottom. 

To make a pattern, one should place a combination of Bricks and/or Glass into the top slots of the Filler, much like a crafting table (though the Pattern should not be taken out of the "Output" slot).


Filler GUI

200px-Filler fill

Fully fills in area.

200px-Filler box

Makes a box in the marked area.

200px-Filler flatten

Flattens area above and below marked areas.

200px-Filler stair

Creates stairs in the marked area.

200px-Filler clear

Clears the selected area of all blocks. (Note: The blocks are not collected, and just fall on the ground. This can cause large amounts of lag. There is an option in the config file to cause the blocks to be deleted, preventing this lag)


Crafting GUI.png

Ink Sac

Dandelion Yellow

Gold Gear

Land Mark

Crafting Table


Ink Sac

Dandelion Yellow

Gold Gear


Video TutorialEdit

Filler - Buildcraft In Minutes01:22

Filler - Buildcraft In Minutes


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