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Ferrous Ore found in its natural habitat.

Ferrous Ore is an ore added by Thermal Expansion, with the same texture as iron ore but with lighter coloration. It is found in lower layers.


Ferrous Ore is a primary source of nickel as well as a source of Platinum Dust, Pulverized Shiny Dust, and Iridium Ore. It can be smelted into Nickel Ingots or macerated into Nickel Dust. It is most commonly found on layers 11-14, and more rarely on layers 15-17.

When Ferrous Ore is run through an Industrial Grinder, it also creates one Tiny Pile of Platinum Dust, or a full Platinum Dust using Mercury Cells; one Platinum Dust can be Centrifuged to produce one Iridium Nugget and a Tiny Pile of Nickel Dust.

Without GregTech enabled, Ferrous Ore can be smelted into a single Ferrous Ingot. Pulverizing Ferrous Ore in a Pulverizer produces two Pulverized Ferrous Dust and has a 5% chance to make Pulverized Shiny Dust and a 2.5% chance to make two Pulverized Shiny Dust. It just has the same Spawnrate as Coal Ore.

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