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Welcome to the Feed The Beast Modpack Tutorial!

In this tutorial, hopefully you will learn the basic knowledge to identify and use some of the mods within the FTB Modpack.

Let’s start with the two larger, fundamental mods, IndustrialCraft2 and BuildCraft. Both these mods have 'power systems' that are used to power the machines within each of the respective mods, however, other mods in the FTB Modpack use their power. IndustrialCraft2 and BuildCraft work very well together, allowing for full automation; however the power systems are NOT compatible.


  • Pipes are the core of this mod. The pipes are used to transfer items, liquids and power.
  • Heavily concentrated on automation, by adding machines that automate building, mining and crafting.
  • Adds new ores, as well as oil to the world.
  • Uses Engines to generate power called MJ, or Minecraft Joules.


  • Uses various types of wires to transmit power called EU, or Electrical Units.
  • Concentrates on power generation, transmission and storage.
  • There are many machines added, such as the Macerator, which essentially doubles ore output.
  • Adds new ores and rubber trees. Rubber is a very important resource and needed for even the basic machines.
  • Adds electrical tools, armour and weapons.

When you start with this modpack, you should first concentrate on IndustrialCraft2 (IC2), as it has a lot of useful opportunities. Some machines that you should first build are: Macerator, Extractor, and to use them, a power source is needed, like a Generator, or Geothermal Generator. For these machines, you need a lot of resources, like rubber, (see Treetap), iron, Refined Iron (smelted iron), and some Tin.

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