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This module is used in the cart assembler. The farmer allows the use of carts to automatically farm crops such as wheat. It is recommended to use the farmer alongside with a solar engine, since it allows the farming cart to run at no cost. Another optional add-on would be the fertilizer, although it is not necessary, it will speed up the growth of crops. A storage module is also highly recommended to be used alongside the farmer because if there is no storage, the cart will simply drop the crops it has harvested (it will keep 3 stacks of seeds no matter the storage, although to keep anymore in the cart, it requires storage modules). The farmer tills all crop within a 3x3 square, it can also be used with a hydrator to keep the crops watered (removing the need for a stream).

Grid Farmer
Stackable No
Modular Cost 36
Construction Time 11m 3s
Tooltype Harvester
Source Mod Steve's Carts 2


Raw Materials:

  • 9 Iron
  • 3 Gold
  • 8 Redstone
  • 3 Diamonds

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