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The FTB Pyramid Map is a custom map by the FTB team, using Minecraft 1.2.5 and the Feed The Beast Retro SSP Pack.

The player spawns on a floating island and after reading the instructions, is sent onto a block of gravel on top of a chest, at 1/2 heart health level. They are to make their way to caves on the outside of the monument, which is covered in interdiction torches to ward off monsters.

The main floor of the Monument has a pyramid of lamps, corresponding to the locations of the chests on the front face of the Monument.

Normal Challenges Edit

Companion Cube  Edit

Lamp: White

Chest location: Left most chest on the bottom layer.


  • 1 Tin Ingot
  • 1 Rubber Sapling
  • 1 Apatite

Requires no other challenges.

Iron Chest Edit

Lamp: Teal (Cyan)

Chest location: First from the left on the bottom layer.


  • 1 Copper Ingot
  • 1 Redstone Dust

Requires no other challenges.

Builder Edit

Lamp: Purple

Chest location: Second from the left on the bottom layer.


  • 1 Blaze Rod
  • 1 Silver


  • Geothermal Generator challenge (Lapis Lazuli, Ink Sac).

Ender Chest Edit

Lamp: Red

Chest Location: Left most chest on the bottom-middle layer.


  • 1 Sugar Cane
  • 1 Soul Sand
  • 1 Nether Wart


  • Builder challenge (Blaze Rod).

Biofuel Cans x64 Edit

Lamp: Pink

Chest Location: Third from the left on the bottom-middle layer.


  • 5 Apiaries


  • Companion Cube challenge (Fermenter requires bronze, which requires tin).
  • Iron Chest challenge (Fermenter requires bronze, which requires copper).

Bedrock Edit

Lamp: White

Chest Location: None (Light location corresponds to the main hallway).

Reward: Unknown

  • The reward for bedrock is a major spoiler for FTB: Gur orqebpx punyyratr bcraf gur onpx jnyy, erirnyvat purfgf pbagnvavat znal orruvirf, naq na vgrz pbyyrpgvba cbvag erdhrfgvat na raqre qentba rtt, naq na bzrtn orr.

Requires: Unknown

  • The strategy to obtain bedrock is a major spoiler for FTB: Jura nyy bgure punyyratrf ner pbzcyrgr, n qvfcrafre qebcf n orqebpx vgrz bagb gur guebar.

10,000,000 EU Edit

Lamp: Black

Chest Location: Right-most chest on the bottom layer.


  • 16 Integrated Heat Dispersers
  • 1 Bottle O' Enchanting


  • Companion Cube challenge (Copper).
  • Iron Chest challenge (Rubber).
  • Geothermal Generator challenge (optional but recommended, for the lapis lazuli for the MFSU).
  • Frame Motor challenge (optional but recommended, for uranium to make a nuclear reactor).

Blutricity Connected Using Jacketed And Normal Wire Edit

(The name is misleading; the wire itself is a jacketed bluewire and will only accept bluewire connections.)

Lamp: Gray

Chest Location: First from the right on the top-middle layer

Reward: 100 Scrap


  • Squeezer challenge (Nikolite, and Clay for Alloy Furnace).
  • Companion Cube challenge (Copper; optional, but very difficult without it).
  • Iron Chest challenge (Tin; optional, but very difficult without it).

Collector Mk3 Edit

Lamp: Yellow

Chest Location: Top of the pyramid.


  • 16 Meadows Hives
  • 16 Forest Hives
  • 16 Jungle Hives
  • 16 Desert Hives
  • 16 Snow Hives

Requires only glowstone and simple materials.

MV Solar Array Edit

Lamp: Magenta

Chest Location: Middle of the top-middle row.

Reward: 8 Bottles O' Enchanting


  • Companion Cube challenge (Copper).
  • Iron Chest challenge (Tin).

Splash Potion of Harming (Instant Damage II) Edit

Lamp: Orange

Chest Location: Left of the top-middle row.


  • 1 Forest Hive
  • 1 Meadow Hive
  • 1 Desert Hive
  • 1 Jungle Hive
  • 1 Snow Hive


  • Ender Chest challenge (Nether Wart, Sugar Cane).
  • Frame Motor challenge (Glistening Melon).
  • Builder challenge (Blaze Rod, for the brewing stand).

Chassis Mk 5 Edit

(N.B. the item is actually called a "Chassi" Mk5).

Lamp: Pale Blue (Light Blue)

Chest Location: Right of top-middle row.


  • 5555 Forest Hive
  • 5555 Desert Hive
  • 5555 Snow Hive
  • 5555 Jungle Hive
  • 5555 Meadows Hive

Challenge 1 die

Challenge 2 survive

Frame Motor Edit

Lamp: Dark Green

Chest Location: Right of bottom middle row.


  • 64 Uranium
  • 1 Melon (Melon wedge)
  • 1 Egg

Requires: Iron Chest challenge (Copper) Squeezer challenge (Nikolite, for Blue Alloy, and Clay, for Alloy Furnace).  Companion Cube challenge (Tin, for Brass). Builder challenge (silver, for Blue Alloy)

Geothermal Generator Edit

Lamp: Blue

Chest Location: Second from the right on the bottom row.


  • 1 Lapis Lazuli
  • 1 Ink Sac


  • Iron Chest challenge (Copper).
  • Companion Cube challenge (Tin, Rubber).

Squeezer Edit

(Must use IC2 recipe for Bronze) Lamp: Brown Chest Location: First from the right on the bottom row.


  • 1 Nikolite
  • 1 Clay


  • Iron Chest challenge (Copper, for Bronze).
  • Companion Cube challenge (Tin).

Insanity challenges Edit

(On the Insanity map, there is no starting gravel)

All challenges have a material list on signs in the space where the chest will appear.

  • Where Their Story Begins
    • Rewards: Redstone dust
  • A Redstone Paradise
    • Rewards: Rubber Tree Sapling, Copper Ingot
  • Burn Rubber
    • Rewards: Tin Ingot, Pumpkin Seed
  • The Bronze Age
    • Rewards: Lapis Lazuli
  • Gated Logic
    • Rewards: Music discs
  • Advanced Machines
    • Rewards: Silver, Clay
  • The Rings
    • Rewards: Oil Bucket
  • Items of Power
    • Rewards: Nikolite
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears
    • Soul Sand
  • Solar Power
    • Uranium Ore
  • Fires of Hell
    • Rewards: Bedrock, sticks
  • Blood and Water
    • Rewards: Refinery x4
  • Power Ranger
    • Rewards: Single-use Batteries
  • Things That Make You Go BOOM!
    • Rewards: Scrap x104
  • Small But Mighty
    • Rewards: Nether Wart
  • Shit Ton of Energy
    • Requires: 100 Million EU [behind the throne]
    • Rewards: None?

Notes Edit

  • The Equivalent Exchange Transmutation Tablet is the most important item in the map; without it, you cannot create the large amount of copper required to finish IC2 Machine challenges, among many, many other things.
  • Bedrock cannot be crafted, broken, transmuted (either with the Philosopher's Stone or with the Transmutation Tablet), obtained by smelting, obtained by compression (in an IC2 Compressor), or otherwise created without hacking tools in any way.
  • Glowstone is not necessarily intuitive to get. The method may be a spoiler but will likely just save frustration: Caeser 13. Pensg gbtrgure sbhe tbyq qhfg va n cyhf funcr, naq svir erqfgbar qhfg va na k funcr (yvxr gur gag erpvcr) gb bognva tybjfgbar.
  • The Respawn Room contains a stone pressure plate and a 5-minute timer. After five minutes of standing on the plate, a chest in the room fills with the philosopher's stone and other items necessary to begin again. The room has enough stock for about ten such refills.

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