Extra-Dimensional Storage (Barrel Upgrade)
Type Upgrade
Source Mod Factorization
Extra Dimensional Storage or, more simply, Barrel Upgrade is an upgrade for the Factorization Barrel. It increases the storage size from 64 stacks of 64 to 1024 stacks of 64, making it hold 65536 items total.

You can upgrade the barrel by holding the upgrade in your hand, holding shift, and right-clicking on the Barrel. When the Barrel is destroyed, the upgrade will drop with the Barrel and what ever is in it. However, any amount of items that were added past 64 stacks will be lost upon destruction of the Barrel. So if you had 65 stacks of diamonds in an Extra Dimensional Storage Barrel, when you broke it only 64 would land upon the ground. You can tell if you will lose items with the Exclamation Marks that appear on either side of the number of items in a barrel.

Extra Dimensional Storage (Barrel Upgrade) RecipeEdit