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The Exo-Armor set is easy to use.  So far there are only a few upgrades for it such as the wall-jumper and the shoulder mounted piston.  You'll need an Exo-Modder to apply any changes to the Exo-Suit.  Once you have your modder built place the Exo-Armor piece you want to upgrade in the left box and then the rest to the right of it will open up.  Put any upgrades in those slots and then press Esc to exit the interface.  Then armor piece you upgraded will spit out on the floor and will now have the upgrades installed.

What makes this suit so useful is you can upgrade it with other pieces of armor and it takes on the armor value of the left most armor piece you're upgrading it with.  For instance, let's say you put your Exo-Chestplate in the Exo Modder.  If you put an iron chestplate in the left-most upgrade slot your Exo-Armor will apply the armor rating and the durability on the iron chestplate to the Exo-suit.   Using this you can put multiple chestplates in the upgrade slot and the exo suit will apply them in turn as the armor pieces break.  So say you put a leather chest piece in the left-most slot and then an iron one in the next slot.  You will have the armor rating of the leather piece but when the leather piece breaks the exo-suit will use the iron chestpiece and your armor rating will then be that of the iron chestpiece.  So at first glance it's pretty useless, but the fact that you can put any other piece of armor in it makes it a must have, the mats aren't too expensive and it'll last forever. 

Parts of the Exo-ArmorEdit

Video Tutorial:

Exo-Armour Tutorial04:39

Exo-Armour Tutorial

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