The Energy Counter is a block added by Nuclear Control that counts the overall amount of EU that have passed through a cable.  The Energy Counter must be placed in-line with an IC2 cable.  When placed the block can handle up to 32EU/t packets and outputs 32EU packets, at a maximum rate of 1 per tick.  The side with the dot is the input side, all other sides are output.  The Energy Counter block can be reoriented using an IC2 compatible wrench in the same way as a Transformer or Energy Storage block.  The Energy Counter block can be removed with a stone pick or better.  The Energy Counter can be upgraded with up to 4 IC2 Transformer Upgrades to increase the maximum packet size and output rate, in the same manner as other IC2 machines (1 Upgrade = MV, 2 Upgrades = HV, 3 Upgrades = EV, 4 Upgrades = QEV).

Unfortunately, the usefullness of this block as an inline energy meter is limited, as it can only process 1 packet/tick, unlike normal cable which can process as many packets/tick as can be thrown at it. Thus the absolute maximum EU/t that can run through an Energy Counter or Average Counter is 8192 EU/t.

If you install 4 Transformer upgrades on the counter you will need to install up to 4 HV Transformers on the output to return the packets to a manageable size.

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