The Ender Tank allows you to store liquids in The End, allowing them to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Ender Tanks hold 16,000mB (16 buckets) of any liquid, which can be piped in or out of any tank with the same color code using BuildCraft waterproof pipes or liquiducts.

Ender tanks do not deposit liquids directly into Iron Tanks or XY Multitanks; there must be at least one pipe and an engine to transfer the liquids.  In Unleashed(1.5.2 and forward), however, placing an Ender Tank on top of a Tank Valve that is located on the top of a Steel/Iron Tank, and switching the lock to orange up, the Ender Tank will deposit its contents into the tank below.

The dial/lock on the front of the tank allows the player to switch the tank to automatically pump out its contents if attached to liquid pipes or tanks, or to accept. when the dial is in blue/up (the default mode) the tank will not automatically output, but can be extracted with a wood pipe or similar. A wood pipe is not needed if it is in orange up.

As with all other kinds of Ender Storage, you can shift right-click the lock on the front to reset the combination to all-white, and right-clicking the lock with a diamond moves the storage to a private network that can only be accessed from a locked tank, of the same color code, which was locked by the same player. if you shift right-click the dial while it is privated, and that you privated it, you can retreve the diamond.


Crafting GUI.png

Blaze Rod


Blaze Rod



Ender Pearl

Blaze Rod


Blaze Rod

Ender Tank

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