This article is about The Ender Chest added by the EnderStorage mod. You may be looking for Vanilla Minecraft Ender Chest.

The Ender Chest is a storage block from EnderStorage which predates the vanilla Ender Chest. Each chest has three wool pads on top that can be manipulated by right-clicking them with a dye. All Ender Chests with the same 3-color code will access a shared inventory, no matter what dimension they are placed in. For example, a red-orange-yellow Ender Chest shares its inventory with all other red-orange-yellow Ender Chests, but cannot be accessed at a red-yellow-orange Ender Chest. With the 16 different colored dyes of Minecraft, there are 4,096 possible 3-color codes.

An Ender Pouch can be used to access the inventory of an Ender Chest from the player's hotbar wherever they are.


Crafting GUI.png

Blaze Rod


Blaze Rod



Ender Pearl

Blaze Rod


Blaze Rod


If you change the color code of an Ender Chest while items are inside, you will not be able to access those items anymore, unless you have another Ender Chest of the same color code, or change the color code back to what it was. Items in an Ender Chest will never be destroyed (except in the case of a save file being corrupted). When an Ender Chest is broken, the contents remain in storage and can be accessed again from an Ender Chest of the same color code; the Ender Chest itself retains its color code and will not stack with Ender Chests of a different color code.

Diamond LockEdit

If the player right-clicks the latch of an Ender Chest with a diamond, it will no longer connect to Ender Chests of the same color code, except those which that same player has also diamond-locked. Doing so will consume the diamond and change the latch to a diamond color. This does not prevent other players from accessing the contents of the Ender Chest, but rather acts as if it's a new color code, specific to that player. For example, if a player "Soaryn" diamond-locks a red-red-red Ender Chest, that chest will now only connect to other red-red-red Ender Chests that Soaryn has diamond-locked, however another player "direwolf20" will still be able to open the chest and take out items. This bumps the amount of combonations up to 8192!

Depending on your mod pack you may or may not be able to unlock an Ender Chest by breaking it. If the chest unlocks the diamond will drop as a separate item. WIth some mod packs, shift-clicking the latch will also remove the diamond lock and return the diamond as an item.


Ender Storage Mod Tutorial Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep07:23

Ender Storage Mod Tutorial Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 25 (DuhWynning)-1

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