Ender Bee
Grid Ender Bee
Type Item
Stackable Only the Drones
Modpacks Included Ultimate, Lite, Magic World, Tech World, MindCrack, Direwolf20, YogCraft
Source Mod Forestry
Ender Bees are a rare type of bee found in End hives. It is not possible to get it through a mutation.

When breaking an Ender Beehive with a Scoop or a Vajra , it has a chance of dropping either an Ender Drone, an Ender Princess, or both. Like in any other hive, there is a possibility for the Ender Bees to be replaced by Valiant Bees.

General informationEdit

  • Latin name : Finapis notchi
  • Discovered by : Sengir
  • Added by : Forestry
  • Branch : End
  • Product : Mysterious Comb

Default AttributesEdit

  • Speed : Slower
  • Lifespan: Longer
  • Fertility : 2 drones
  • Pollination: Slowest
  • Territory : 9x9x9
  • Flowers : End Egg
  • Effect : "Ends"
  • Temperature / Tolerance : Cold / Up_3
  • Humidity / Tolerance : Normal / None
  • Cave Dwelling : yes
  • Nocturnal : yes
  • Rain tolerant : no

(Although their hives are found in the End, Ender bees will not produce there. They will, however, tolerate Normal temperature biomes in Overworld apiaries, without any genetic manipulation.)


  • Mutates to:
  1. Ender Bee + Resilient Bee = Invincible Bee
  2. Ender Bee + Glittering Bee = Valuable Bee
  3. Ender Bee + Emerald Bee = Olivine Bee
  4. Ender Bee + Relic Bee = Jaded Bee
  5. Ender Bee + Esoteric Bee = Mysterious Bee
  6. Ender Bee + Radioactive Bee = ? Bee

Special NotesEdit

The Jaded Bee can only be bred within an Apiary or Alveary placed by the player with the username "jadedcat", who was the first player to breed all the bees.

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