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Many mods add in extra enchantments. This is a running log of all there are so far.

Vanilla EnchantmentsEdit

Name Max Level Item Effects ID
Protection IV Armour Slightly reduces damage from all sources except the Void and Hunger. 0
Fire Protection IV Armour Burn time is shortened, and fire does less damage. 1
Feather Falling IV Boots Reduces fall damage 2
Blast Protection IV Armour Reduces explosive knockback and damage 3
Projectile Protection IV Armour Reduces damage caused by projectile attacks 4
Respiration III Helmet Less air loss underwater 5
Aqua Affinity I Helmet Allows mining underwater to be done at the same speed as on land 6
Thorns III Armour Provides a chance for attackers to take damage 7
Depth Strider III Armour Increases swim speed under water 8
Frost Walker(for1.9) II Armour Change waterblocks around you to iceblocks 9
Sharpness V Sword, Axe Extra damage with every hit 16
Smite V Sword, Axe Increases damage to "undead" mobs 17
Bane Of Arthropods V Sword, Axe Increases damage to "arthropod" mobs 18
Knockback II Sword Provides extra knockback on hit 19
Fire Aspect II Sword Ignites the target 20
Looting III Sword Killed mobs drop extra loot 21
Efficiency V Tools Faster mining 32
Silk touch I Tools Any mined blocks that normally drop something else will drop themselves. This works on many mod blocks as well. 33
Unbreaking III Armour, Sword, Bow, Tools

Tools last longer

Fortune III Tools Mined blocks that drop items either drop more of that item or have a greater chance of dropping that item. 35
Power V Bow Extra damage 48
Punch II Bow Increases knockback 49
Flame I Bow Sets arrows, mobs and players on fire 50
Infinity I Bow Gives unlimited shots as long as you have a single arrow in your inventory (bow still loses durability) 51

Mod EnchantmentsEdit

Name Max Level Item Mod Effects
Vorpal IV Sword RedPower 2

Increases the chance of the mobs dropping their heads. Note: This excludes Wither Skeletons!

Also it gives a chance to deal massive damage, making it possible to sometimes kill mobs with one hit.

Disjunction  V [1] Sword RedPower 2

Extra damage to Endermen and Wither Skeletons.

Soul Stealer

V [1]

Sword? Soul Shards

Increases the amount of souls gained through killing a mob with a Soul Shard on the hotbar. Each level of the enchant adds another 1 above the first soul obtained.

Example: A level III Soul Stealer enchant would grant 4 souls upon the death of an enemy.

Frugal III Wand Thaumcraft 3

Works like unbreaking. Note: Cannot be combined with Charging Enchantment

Treasure III Wand Thaumcraft 3 Works like fortune.
Potency III Wand Thaumcraft 3

Increases the effect of wand, based on its usage.

Example: Wand of Fire gains more power and range, while the Wand of Equal Trade switches more blocks out per usage.

Charging I Wand Thaumcraft 3

Wand will slowly recharge itself using the local aura. Note: Cannot be combined with Frugal Enchantment

Haste III Boots Thaumcraft 3 Makes you walk/run faster. Makes you go faster in air.

Note: Appears to negate Power Armour leggings' "Run Assist" feature.

Repair II Armour, Thaumium Tools Thaumcraft 3

Item will slowly repair itself using the local aura. Note: Does not work when recrafted onto another piece of equipment

Fiery Aura II Armour Twilight Forest

Inflicts ongoing fire damage on mobs that attack a player wearing the armour.

Reading I Helmet Bibliocraft

Grants the ability to read text just like the reading glasses, tinted glasses, or monocle. This is a rare enchantment that can only be created by enchanting a book.

Wrecking V Crowbar Railcraft

Exclusively for crowbars. Increases damage (works the same as Sharpness).

Implosion V Crowbar


Exclusively for crowbars. Increases damage dealt to Creepers.

Destruction III Crowbar Railcraft

Exclusively for crowbars. Deconstructs blocks in a wide area.


  1. 1.0 1.1 The level V enchant can only be obtained by combining two level IV on an Anvil. This works with two level IV books as well as an item with a level IV enchantment already on it, combined with a level IV book.

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