Electron Tubes
Grid Bronze Electron Tube

Grid Iron Electron Tube Grid Tin Electron Tube

Name Electron Tubes
Stackable Yes(64)
Source Mod Forestry

Electron Tubes were introduced when Forestry was added to Feed the Beast. In Forestry there are Electron Tubes (Copper Electron Tube, Iron Electron Tube, Tin Electron Tube, Bronze Electron Tube, Golden Electron Tube, and Diamantine Electron Tube) used for upgrading the Electrical Engine. As of the 1.4.7 version of Forestry, there are 6 new Electron Tubes that currently have no use. They are the Obsidian Electron Tube, Blazing Electron Tube, Rubberized Electron Tube, Emerald Electron Tube, Apatine Electron Tube, and Lapis Electron Tube. To craft the Electron Tubes you need to use a Thermionic Fabricator. To craft a Thermionic Fabricator you will need 4 Gold Ingot, 3 Glass, 1 Sturdy Machine, and 1 Chest

Thermionic Fabricator Recipe

Thermionic Fabricator Recipe

Once you have the Thermionic Fabricator you’ll need some Glass (Input) in the slot on the left to get Molten Glass (Output). You will now need to use the corresponding material (Copper Ingot, Iron Ingot, Tin Ingot, Bronze Ingot, Gold Ingot, Diamond, Blaze rod, Rubber, Emerald, Apatite, Lapis lazuli) to the Electron Tube you desire in the following formation in the Thermionic Fabricator.

Electron Tube Recipe

Electron Tube Recipe

This will yield 4 Electron Tubes.

Managed FarmEdit

Electron tubes can also be used with a multiblock farm to choose the type of culture. For that, you need a soldering iron and a circuit board. The type of circuit board influences how many electron tubes you can attach to it.

Type of electron tube Type of culture
Copper Arboretum
Tin Peat Bog
Bronze Crop Farm
Iron Vegetable Farm
Blazing  Infernal Farm
Apatine Mushroom Farm

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