Electrical Engine
Electrical Engine
Type Engine
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 927:2
Source Mod Forestry

An Electrical Engine is used to convert EU (from IndustrialCraft) to MJ (from BuildCraft).

The Electrical Engine requires 6 EU/t to produce 2MJ/t, and must be connected to redstone power to run. You can connect it to any voltage without causing it to explode, and it will not take the maximum available output per tick. For example, you may connect an MFSU as a power source, and it will only take 16 EU/t to produce 2 MJ/t.  However, you still have to use the correct cable type to handle the maximum packet size from the source or your cable will explode.

The Electrical Engine will automatically shut down when overheating and reactivate itself after cooldown.

The Electrical Engine is an excellent engine for powering Quarries, particularly when hooked up to an Advanced Solar Panel.


3. Tin Ingot

1. Glass

1. Piston

2. Tin Gear

Crafting GUI.png

Tin Ingot

Tin Gear

Tin Ingot



Tin Ingot

Tin Gear

Electrical Engine

Raw Materials:

12 Cobblestone            1 Glass             8 Sticks
3 Wooden Planks          1 Redstone                            
1 Iron Ingot                         11 Tin Ingots


The Electrical Engine can be upgraded with Copper, Bronze, Tin and Iron Electron Tubes placed on a Circuit Board. If you break an Electrical Engine with a Circuit Board in it, the Circuit Board will be lost. In the GUI of the Electrical Engine you need to take your Soldering Iron and click the upgrade to take it out. The upgrade will then be placed in an empty slot of your inventory and you can place your Soldering Iron back in your inventory.

The effects of these tubes are:

Type of tube Effect (Max stack) Change in input EU Change in output MJ EU:MJ ratio (Normal 6:2 = 3:1)
Copper Choke(1) -2 EU/t -1 MJ/t 4:1 (Worst)
Tin Boost I(2) +7 EU/t +2 MJ/t 13:4 = 3.25:1
Bronze Boost II(2) +15 EU/t +4 MJ/t 21:6 = 3.5:1
Iron Efficiency(1) -1 EU/t No change 5:2 = 2.5:1 (Best)

Note that the ratio listed is assuming you only use one tube.


Bio Generator & Electrical Engine - How to Feed the Beast in Minecraft - 23-008:54

Bio Generator & Electrical Engine - How to Feed the Beast in Minecraft - 23-0


File:Block Spotlight - Electrical Engine

Practical ApplicationsEdit

This video will teach you how to use an electrical engine and advanced solar panels to power a quarry.

FTB Feed The Beast Tutorial Guide - Solar Powered Quarry Via An Electrical Engine16:47

FTB Feed The Beast Tutorial Guide - Solar Powered Quarry Via An Electrical Engine

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