It is a machine with two Output facings. One for the Filtered Objects (Blue), which can be changed to any direction, and the default output (Red) if the filter doesn't accept the item or the target inventory is full. This option can be set with a Wrench like with any other Machine.

Both Outputs are also outputting EU like with any other automation device.

Max in/out 32 EU

Lore Edit

Many villagers often refer to it speaking to them saying, "Fill my holes with cables and we'll see what happens!".


Crafting GUI.png

Electrum Ingot

Electronic Circuit

Electrum Ingot

RE Battery

Electric Translocator

Computer Monitor

Electrum Ingot

Electronic Circuit

Electrum Ingot

Electric Sorter

The 2 Electronic Circuits can be replaced with any of the following (all combinations possible):
Redstone Golden Chipset
Autarchic Gate
Iron OR Gate
Iron AND Gate

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