Edenic Bees are an end of the line bee of the Tropical Branch in the Forestry mod.


Edenic bees have a special recessive effect trait called "Explorer", which gives players near the apiary slow experience growth, while they're working.  This effect can be stacked with multiple apiaries, all containing queens with the "Explorer" trait.  Experience growth is always consistent no matter how many players are around the apiary.

This effect can be an excellent way for players to farm for experience and enchantments, without fighting mobs.

Do note that in order to gain the experience that they provide, the bees must be working.  Edenic bees are not nocturnal and aren't fliers, so constant cross-breeding with other bees that have those traits or the use of high tier genetic machines may be required to create the perfect "Explorer" bee.

Even with all that, apiary automation will still be required to keep the explorer effect going constantly.


Edenic Bees produce silky combs.  They are the slowest of their branch that produce such a comb.  If you're looking for a bee that can produce silky combs at a fast pace, stick with Exotic bees or use serums to increase their speed.


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