Ecstatic Bees are the end of the line bee of the Energetic branch.  They are obtained by crossbreeding Excited and Energetic Bees. 

These bees are part of the Extra Bees add-on for Forestry.


Ecstatic Bees, like all other bees of the Energetic branch, have the "Lightning" effect, which will produce random lightning strikes around that apiary.

Lightning will strike players regardless if they're wearing an aparist's suit or not, but lightning damage is reduced by armor so wearing heavy armor around these bees is a must.

Be warned, the lightning from bees like this will burn off slabs on top of alvearies, disabling production until the slabs are replaced.  Since all members of the Energetic branch are natural cave bees, it'd be wise to have them either work underground or under a lightning shield.

And the most obvious warning will be to keep the area around the bees (or on the surface if they're underground) well lit and secure, as creepers will be easily charged by these bees.

Lightning from these bees will not charge Gregtech's Lightning Rod.

However, the lightning can cause a gravity gun to become supercharged, and an Uncrafting Table can be used to extract the nether star.


Ecstatic bees produce both glowing and static combs.  Glowing combs when processed in a centrifuge will give redstone dust as well as a moderate chance for honey drops and beeswax.  Static combs when processed will give an energy drop as well as a high chance for redstone dust and beeswax.

Energy drops can be used in a crafting recipe to make a very cheap energy storage called item called a "Honey Crystal", which can store only 8000 EU (2000 EU less than what an RE Battery can hold).  It is currently not used in any sort of crafting recipe.

As with all other members of the Energetic branch, Ecstatic bees require a redstone torch nearby to be used as a flower in order to work.


  1. Bee Species
  2. Bee Breeding

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