Dragon Egg Energy Siphon
Grid Dragon Egg Energy Siphon
Name Dragon Egg Energy Siphon
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 702:40
Source Mod GregTech

Dragon Egg Energy Siphon is a block added by GregTech that uses the energy stored within a Dragon Egg to generate EU. If a Dragon Egg is placed on top of the Energy Siphon, the Siphon generates and outputs 128 EU/t, split between each of its five available faces (i.e. if there are four cables connected, each will receive 32 EU/t; if there are two, each will receive 64 EU/t, etc.) The Dragon Egg MUST be placed on top of the Siphon for it to function. If the Dragon Egg is placed adjacent to any other face, the Siphon will not function. The Siphon is functioning if its side faces take on a purple color. It can be removed with an Electric Wrench in lossless mode.

If the Siphon is broken while active, it will explode and destroy the Dragon Egg.

There's a limit of one siphon per world. so if any second siphon is activated, it will explode

If Thaumcraft 3 is installed as well, the Siphon will constantly generate Flux while active.

As of 1.5.2, this generates 1024 eu/t.


Crafting GUI.png

Energy Flow Circuit

Iridium Plate

Energy Flow Circuit



Lapotronic Energyorb

Energy Flow Circuit

Iridium Plate

Energy Flow Circuit

Dragon Egg Energy Siphon


Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Dragon Egg Energy Siphon04:09

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Dragon Egg Energy Siphon


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