For Traincraft's Distillation Tower, see Distillation Tower (Traincraft).

Gregtech's Distillation Tower requires 128eu/t to operate and this must be supplied at ALL times, or the machine will lose progress, it costs vastly more to operate and construct than a buildcraft Refinery .

It can create biodiesel/biofuel out of biomass, and H2SO4 Cell (for the RE-Battery) / Diesel Fuel Cell (Gregtech)  from raw Oil.

Construction MaterialsEdit

The Structure block itself requires:

2 Industrial Centrifuge

2 Pump  (industrial craft)

2 Industrial Electrolyzer

2 Energy Flow Circuit

1 Highly Advanced Machine Block

The Machine Block tower is a 3 long x 3 wide x5 tall structure build of both 26 Standard Machine Casing & 16 Advanced Machine Casing, making this one of the most expensive projects in the Gregtech mod.

The first layer is built of 9 Standard casings.

The second layer is 8 advanced casings with a hole in the middle.

The third layer is 8 more standard casings, also with a hole in the middle.

Layer four is 8 additional advanced casings with a hole.

The final layer is 9 more standard casings, the machine itself must be placed on the floor next to the tower.

Video TutorialEdit

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Distillation Tower04:49

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Distillation Tower


Stoic Sounds Distillation tower setup.

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