Diamond Transport Pipe
Grid Diamond Transport Pipe
Type Pipe
Tool Any tool
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Buildcraft 3

Diamond Transport Pipes are able to sort items that pass through it. Diamond Pipes may have up to 6 colored outputs that will hold up to 9 different items. They are very useful, but also the most expensive type of pipe. Most often, Diamond Pipes are used for Quarries, but they are valuable in any sorting system.

Diamond pipe filter gui

Diamond Pipe GUI

The Diamond Pipe GUI may be accessed by right-clicking the pipe. An item may then be put into one of the slots with the desired colour. Each colour indicates a different output side (black=down, white=up, red=north, blue=south, green=west, yellow=east). When an item then reaches the Diamond Pipe, it will only go through the output it has been assigned to. If you place an item into the GUI it will not be removed from the inventory like with chests or machines. However, you will still need one exemplar to be able to assign it to a colour in first place. Simply clicking the item once will remove it from the GUI again.

If an item is not assigned to a color, it will be randomly sent through any of the non-assigned, available directions (for example: if an item enters through black, red, blue, and green are available, but red is assigned to something else, the item has a 50/50 chance of exiting through either blue or green).

Also, if an item is assigned a direction, but that direct is an inventory that is full or cannot accept the item, the item will default to an available non-assigned direction.  If none of those exist, it will be ejected.  This is very useful in bee automation.

Pipe routing decisions are made once an item reaches the center of the pipe, therefore, an item can enter through a pipe it has been assigned to, and then sent right back that direction (unlike the Apiarist's Pipe, for example).

If an unassigned item goes through a Diamond Pipe, it will go through a colour that has no filter. If each colour has at least one filter, the item will pop out. If one item is assigned to two different colours, it will have a 50/50 chance of going through either output. Multiples of an item can be assigned one colour, which will affect probabilities. For example, putting 2 Cobblestone in red and 1 Cobblestone in green means that there is a 2/3 chance of Cobblestone going through red and a 1/3 chance of it going through green.


2. Diamond

1. Glass

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Diamond Transport Pipe


Video TutorialEdit

Diamond Transport Pipe - Buildcraft In Minutes

Diamond Transport Pipe - Buildcraft In Minutes