Diamond Jack Hammer
File:Grid Diamond Jack Hammer.png
Type Tool
Stackable No
Source Mod GregTech

The Diamond Jack Hammer is the unbreakable tool which is used to cut through stone at very fast rate.

Although unbreakable, the Diamond Jack Hammer uses stored EU with every use. It consumes 250 EU per block and can store up to 100,000 EU, allowing it destroy roughly 400 blocks before recharging on its own.

While this tool is not much use on ores and dirt, it gets rid of Stone incredibly fast.

Recipe Edit

Charging Edit

This tool may be charged using a Generator of any kind or MFE/MFSU/BatBox. Alternatively, it can receive power from a BatPack.It can also be recharged by right-clicking while holding a battery (hold right-click until it fully charges)

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