Type GregTech Tool
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast Resistance  ?
Storage None
Tool None
Stackable No
Modpacks Included FTB Ultimate, Mindcrack
Source Mod GregTech
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The Destructopack is a holdable tool added by GregTech that allows for the instant destruction of items. Items destroyed using the Destructopack cannot be undone. 



Steel Ingot Recipe


Aluminum Recipe


Right-clicking  while holding the Destructopack will bring up its GUI. At the bottom right, there will be a Red X in a box. Placing an item in the red X will result in its permanent destruction. (hence the name Destructopack.)  There is NO way to undo the destruction of items. So be careful!


Many players choose to use the Destructopack to get rid of mining waste, such as cobblestone, dirt, and sand.

For those who wonder, you actually CAN destroy it in itself.

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