Used for managing plants, can be used in conjunction with the Crop Matron, and breeding new types of plants. It looks like 4 sticks in the dirt. Initially you can plant Wheat, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Reeds, Yellow Flowers, and Roses in the crop block. When it is fully grown it can be harvested by right-clicking, this will preserve the plant. Left-clicking has a chance of give Seed Bags , but will destroy the plant.

Hydration Cell and Weed-EX has to be added to the cell for the plant to grow and prevent weeds from growing in its place, bonemeal isn’t usable on Crop cells, Fertilizer can be used to speed up the plant growth. Overuse of Weed-EX has a negative effect on the plants.

When crossbreeding a second Crop must be added to a Crop cell adjacent to two other Crop cells.


Crafting GUI.png







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