Creosote Bottle
Grid Creosote Bottle
Name Creosote Bottle
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 7770
Source Mod Railcraft

A Creosote Bottle is a container of Creosote Oil. It holds one bucket of Creosote Oil (1,000 millibuckets). Empty bottles may be filled from a Coke Oven or a Railcraft Iron Tank, by right-clicking or by placing the bottle inside the GUI. 

Creosote Oil is used primarily to craft Wooden Ties. It can also be used as a fuel.

Creosote Bottles sometimes can be found in dungeons or abandoned mineshafts as random loot.

Creosote Bottles can be used as fuel in a Liquid-Fueled Firebox, or if Gregtech is enabled, then it can be used in Semifluid Generator. It can be used to generate 3,000 EU at 8 EU/t in the Semifluid Generator and 3.2k heat in a Liquid-Fueled Firebox.

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