A bee that's part of the Hostile Branch of the Extra Bees add-on for the Forestry Mod.  It is obtained by cross-breeding Desolate and Austere bees.


The Creepy Bee has a dominant effect trait called "Creepers" which spawn creepers near the apiary at night and/or low light levels whenever players are near.

It is ill-advised to have Creepy Bees near bees that are part of the Energetic Branch as the lightning from those bees may easily charge the spawned creepers.

Be warned, do not mistaken the Austere bee's "Creeper" effect with the "Creepers" effect, as the "Creeper" effect causes explosions that can kill unprotected players quickly, if not instantly.


They produce barren and powdery combs.  Powdery combs when processed in a centrifuge have a very high chance to give gunpowder.

Do note that Austere Bees produce powdery combs at a much faster rate, but Creepy bees produce their barren combs much faster than Austere produce their parched combs.


  1. Bee Species
  2. Bee Breeding

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