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How to MakeEdit

To make a Craftpacket you need a Craftpacket Maker and to change it back to an item you need a Craftpacket Stamper. A craftpacket is basicly all the items you need for a crafting recipe in one item you change into that recipe by putting it into the Craftpacket maker to make the actual Craftpacket you must put whatever object is used in the crafting recipe that you are trying to make and on the 9 slots in the middle you check all the places that apply to that spot and put paper on the bottom left and then it will automaticly put your Craftpacket in the right slot. For example, if you wanted to make a Diamond Helmet, you would put 5 Diamonds in the top left slot, check all the places the Diamonds would go in a regular Crafting table, then put paper in the bottom and you will get your Diamond Helmet in a Craftpacket. What if you wanted to make a recipe with more than one item in it? Then you would do the same thing but when you get your first item put in, you would put your Craftpacket in the slot to the right of the paper slot then put in you second item and check the places you want it to go and you will get a Blue Craftpacket ready to be stamped into an item.

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