Cows are passive mobs.  They are the primary source of leather, raw beef, and milk.  They are 1.6875 blocks tall, 0.625 blocks wide, and 1.5 blocks long.


Cows have black/brown skin with white spots.  All cows have a pair of horns on their head.  They are most likely modeled after the Norwegian Red Cattle.


Cows roam in the Overworld, usually in herds of 4 to 10 (however it is not uncommon to find a lone cow).  They tend to walk around slowly and aimlessly, mooing, but they will flee and jump wildly if attacked.  They also tend to jump off high cliffs (and die in the process).  Cows make no attempt to stay out of water and will follow the player when he/she is holding wheat, which is used for breeding.  Cows will make even deadly attempts to follow the player.  They also  can climb ladders in certain conditions.  A cow can be milked by right clicking the cow with an empty bucket.  A cow may be milked an unlimited number of times.


Breeding cows with wheat will create a calf and may give experience.  The parent cows have a delay of 5 minutes until they can breed again.  Calves will follow their parents or other adult cows until they're fully grown.  A calf looks similar to an adult cow, but its body is smaller while the head remains the normal size of a full adult cow.

Calves move faster and take 20 minutes to fully grow.  They do not drop anything when killed, however, they can be milked.


Trapping a herd of cows in an enclosed area and breeding them is beneficial to the player.  Cows drop more types of useful resources than all other passive mobs (excluding the rare Mooshroom), thus providing the player with an unlimited supply of steak, milk and leather.

Breeding two cows also has a chance to grant a small amount of experience.

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