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Grid Corn
Name Corn
Type Food
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 24269
Source Mod XyCraft

Corn is a food item from the XyCraft mod. It is obtained by planting Kernels. Kernels are 1 of 4 types of seeds found when harvesting wild grass.



When Kernels planted in cultivated ground, it will grow into a 2 block tall corn stalk yielding 0 to 3 Corn Kernels and 1 Corn when harvested.


Corn is a moderately good food item; however, it only heals one and a half hunger points. It is much more efficient to cook them into Cob O'Corn. Roasting the Corn in an oven yields a Cob O'Corn, which when eaten restores 2 and a half points of hunger. It's a vegetarian replacement yielding the same healing power as bread with a bit less hassle. It can easily be farmed in bulk for a ready food supply. Its seeds can also be cooked into Popcorn.

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Cob O'Corn

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