Wood, Stone and Gold pipes can be combined with Redstone Dust to create conductive pipes. These pipes are the only type of pipes that can carry the energy produced by Engines to machines that can normally be powered by engines (See: Automatic Building and Automatic Mining).

There are 3 types of conductive pipe: wooden, stone and gold.

Wooden Conductive PipesEdit

Wooden Conductive Pipes are used to extract the power from stirling and combustion engines (prior to BC3.2 redstone engines were able to be used as well) and places the power into the conductive pipes. The engines must be facing the wooden conductive pipe to transfer power into it. Wooden conductive pipes are needed to transfer power into the other conductive pipes, as the other types of conductive pipe will not take the power out of the engines. Wooden pipes cannot connect to further wooden pipes; a normal stone or gold conductive pipe must be used instead.

Stone Conductive PipesEdit

Stone Conductive Pipes are used to transport the energy after it has been extracted by the wooden conductive pipes. These pipes lose 5% of their energy for each block travelled.

Gold Conductive PipesEdit

Golden Conductive Pipes are more efficient at transporting energy. These pipes only lose 0.5% of their energy for every block traveled.

Note: Gold conductive pipes have an energy limit of 256 MJ/t, exceeding this limit causes the pipe to explode. WARNING: This limit is very easy to reach, protect your machines as if this happens, some may blow up. To avoid this, it is recommend that you use a redstone energy cell.

Possible bug: keeping(golden) conductive pipe in hand while trying(right click) access timer make game crash.

BuildCraft 6 and Beyond Edit

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