Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 931:1
Source Mod Forestry
Combines can be used with the Farm in order to have an automatic farming system in place, but it is not necessary to use with the Farm. A Combine needs to be powered by a Buildcraft compatible engine in order to function. The Combine can work with a 21x13x21 (X-Y-Z) size area. 2 below, 10 above, and 10 in each cardinal direction.

The Combine does not turn on until there is a fully grown wheat plant inside its area. Then it will activate by clearing the wheat, and store it in a chest next to the combine, or if connected to pipes will send the wheat along the pipes to whatever destination they connect to.


4. Glass

3. Iron Electron Tube

1. Sturdy Casing

1. Basic Circuit Board

Crafting GUI.png


Iron Electron Tube


Iron Electron Tube

Sturdy Casing

Basic Circuit Board


Iron Electron Tube




This video demonstrates how to use all forestry farms, including the combine.

How To Use All Forestry Farms Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep22:55

How To Use All Forestry Farms Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 19 (DuhWynning)-1373922916

Video made by DuhWynning

Below Is a Video showing how to make an automatic wheat farm in conjunction with a Farm

File:Feed The Beast Automatic Wheat Farm Tutorial!
File:Block Spotlight - Farm & Combine

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