The comb is a product obtained by breaking a hive with a Scoop, a Mining Laser, a Wand of Excavation, or a Quarry, but is mainly produced by Queen Bees in Apiaries. There are many different types of bees, therefore, there are a wide variety of combs, each giving different products when put into the Centrifuge.

The main products obtained with the combs are the Honey drop and the Beeswax. Many of the combs will also give an extra product to help craft other materials, food, supplies and machines. There are around 92 different combs known within the Mindcrack mod, the Direwolf20 mod and the FTBUltimate mod so far.

The following list shows the name of the combs and the product given when put in the Centrifuge. When a number is put beside the name of the product, it indicates the percentage of chance to get it. When there is no number, the percentage is not known yet and might be updated in the future. Also, when there is no product shown for the comb, they are not yet known.

Alcoholic: Alcoholic drop / Honey drop

Amber: Sticky resin / Beeswax

Ancient: Beeswax / Honey drop

Ashen: Ashen Drop / Honey Drop/ Beeswax

Azure: Azure Drop / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Barren: Beeswax / Honey drop

Bauxite: tiny pile of aluminum dust/tiny pile of bauxite dust

Blazing: Blaze powder / Beeswax

Bleached: Bleached drop / Beeswax / Honey drop

Brazen: Tiny pile of Brass Dust /  Honey Drop / Beeswax

Brimstone: Sulfur / Acid drop / Beeswax

Bronze: Bronze dust / Beeswax / Honey drop

Cinnabar: Redstone / Honey Drop / Beeswax / Tiny Pile of Cinnabar Dust

Citrus: Citric drop / Honey drop

Clay: Clay dust / Beeswax / Honey drop

Cocoa: Cocoa Beans / Beeswax

Coffee: Coffee powder / Beeswax / Honey drop

Copper: Copper dust / Beeswax / Honey drop

Decomposed: Compost / Honey Drop

Diamond: Tiny pile of DIamond Dust / Tiny pile of Coal Dust / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Dripping: Honeydew

Dusty: Wood Pulp / Honey Drop

Ebony: Honey drop / Beeswax / Ebony drop

Electrum: Tiny Pile of Electrum Dust / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Emerald: Tiny Pile Of Emerald Dust / Tiny Pile of Olivine Dust / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Forest: Forest Drop / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Fossilised: Coal dust / Beeswax / Honey drop

Frozen: Beeswax / Honey drop / Crystalline Pollen / Snow Ball

Fruity: Apple drop / Honey drop

Fungal: Mushrooms / Beeswax

Furtive: Propolis / Honeydew / Beeswax

Fuchsia: Fuchsia Drop / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Glacial: Kelvin drop / Honey drop

Glowing: Redstone / Beeswax / Honey drop

Golden: Gold dust / Beeswax / Honey drop

Honey: Beeswax / Honey drop

Indigo: Indigo Drop / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Invar: Tiny Pile of Invar Dust / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Iron: Iron dust / Beeswax / Honey drop

Lapis: honey drop / Lapis Lazuli

Latex: Rubber / Beeswax / Honey drop

Lavender: Lavender Drop / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Leaden: Tiny Pile of Lead Dust / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Lime: Lime Drop / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Maroon: Maroon Drop / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Milky: Milk drop / Honey drop

Mint: Beeswax / Honey drop

Mossy: Beeswax / Honey drop

Mucous: Slimeball / Beeswax / Honey drop

Mysterious: Honey Drop / Pulsating Propolis

Nickel: Tiny Pile of Nickel Dust / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Occult: Magic Wax / Honey Drop

Oily: Oily Propolis / Honey drop

Olivine: Tiny Pile Of Emerald Dust / Tiny Pile of Olivine Dust / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Otherworldy: Magic Wax / Honey Drop / Beeswax

Papery: Magic Wax / Paper / Beeswax

Parched: honey drop / beeswax

Peat: Peat Propolis / Honey drop

Petroleum: Petroleum Propolis / Honey drop

Platinum: Tiny Pile of Platinum Dust / Beeswax / Honey Drop

Prussian: Prussian Drop / Honey Drop / Beeswax



Radioactive: Uranium ore / Beeswax / Honey drop

Rocky: Beeswax / Honey drop

Rotten: Rotten flesh / Honey drop / Beeswax


Saffron: Saffron drop / Honey drop / Beeswax


Seedy: Seed drop / Honey drop

Sepia: Honey drop / Sepia drop / Beeswax

Shadow: Pulverized Obsidian / Honey drop

Shimmering: 2 phosphor / Refractory wax

Silky: Honey drop / Silky Propolis

Silver: Silver dust / Beeswax / Honey drop

Skeletal: Bone meal / Beeswax / Honey drop

Slate: Honey drop / Slate drop / Beeswax




Static: Energy drop / Redstone / Beeswax

Steel: 2 steel ingots / Beeswax / Honey drop

Stringy: Honey drop / Propolis

Tar: Wood tar Propolis / Honey drop

Tin: Tin dust / Beeswax / Honey drop



Turquoise: Honey drop / Turquoise drop /  Beeswax

Venomous: Venom drop / Beeswax

Wet: beeswax / Watery Propolis

Zinc: Tiny Pile of Zinc Dust / Honey Drop / Beeswax

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