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 Periodically dropped by the leaves of Chestnut Tree. The leaf blocks do not have to be broken to harvest chestnuts (as with oak trees and apples), as they are spawned in entity form and dropped from the spawning leaf. Can be squeezed in a Squeezer as the most effective item for generating seed oil .

In order to crossbreed trees, the fully matured trees must be within range of a currently active apiary, with the effective range of the apiary determined by the stats of the bees currently active within it. 

Tree 1 Tree 2 Resulting Tree % Chance of Mutation
Oak  Birch Silver Lime 15
Birch/Oak Silver Lime Cherry 10
Cherry Silver Lime Walnut 10
Walnut Cherry/Silver Lime Chestnut 10
Forestry Tree Breeding Graph

Graphical representation of tree mutations.


  • Sweet chestnuts are edible and restore 1 hunger point or half a hunger icon.

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