Charge Station
Grid Charge Station
Name Charge Station
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 1229
Source Mod Misc Peripherals

Charge StationEdit

The Charge Station is a block that, when powered with electricity, will charge any Turtle in front of it (indicated with a dot).

Note: Currently there is a bug with the Charge Station where connecting it to anything higher than low voltage will cause a continuous barrage of explosions which requires a server reboot to fix (see comments section for more info).

For single player, where you cant 'restart' the server (quitting, restarting doesnt stop explosions), the explosion can be edited out using MC Edit  (works with v0.1.7 build 490).  Use the fill command, to replace the space where station was and attached cable with  'air'.

This bug is not present in FTB Ultimate.

not able to use as a single mod!

Energy Edit

There are 4 different types of Charge Stations, each accepting higher voltages than the previous.  A Standard Charge Station accepts up to LV (for IC2), and can also accept buildcraft power, from conductive pipes or Thermal Expansion's Energy Conduit's. It stores 10k EU (or equivalent), and can discharge batteries in its GUI. It charges turtles at a rate of 32 EU (or equivalent) per 1 fuel per tick.[1] So when the station is fully charged, it can provide about 20 fuel per second. This is about 1.56 times more coal-efficient than feeding the turtle coal directly and using the refuel command - a single piece of coal would normally only provide 80 fuel, but through a Generator and a Charge Station, it can provide 125 fuel. However, lava should still be fed directly to provide 1000 fuel, compared to a Geothermal Generator, which, hooked up to a Charge Station, only provides 625 fuel.

An Advanced Charge Station accepts up to MV (for IC2), stores 5,000 fuel points, and can charge 2 turtles at a time.

A Lapotronic Charge Station accepts up to HV (for IC2), stores 50,000 fuel points, and can charge 4 turtles at a time.

An Ultimate Charge Station accepts up to EV (for IC2), stores 500,000 fuel points, and can charge 6 turtles at a time, but can only charge 5 at a time if using not using batteries or another energy storage item to fil the charge station. Please be noted that the Ultimate Charge Station is only available with the GregTech addon.

Recipe Edit

Here are the recipes for the Standard, Advanced, Lapotronic, and Ultimate Charge Stations, respectively.

1 battery 1 machine block and 1 redstone

References Edit


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