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Grid Charge-O-Mat
Charge-O-Mat charges all items, Tier-5 or lower. This Device can also charge your Armor if you stand close to it. Redstone switches it into Decharge-Mode.

Automation is also easily possible using it. Top/Bottom = Input. Sides = Output.

It has also Armorslots (unlike the IC²-Blocks) so you can charge your Quantumsuit easily.

It outputs 2,048 EU/t when redstoned. 

WARNING: A pickaxe quickly destroys a Charge-O-Mat, giving only Machine Parts. An IndustrialCraft (red-orange) wrench has a chance of destroying a Charge-O-Mat. Use an electric wrench in lossless mode to safely collect a placed Charge-O-Mat. An OmniWrench may also be used by holding shift and right-clicking the top face of the cube.

Crafting GUI.png

Energy Flow Circuit


Energy Flow Circuit




Energy Flow Circuit


Energy Flow Circuit


Video TutorialEdit

This video goes over how to build, power and automate the Charge-O-Mat, as well as the uses and resources needed for it.

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Charge O Mat03:36

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Charge O Mat


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