Canvas Bag
Canvas Bag
Name Canvas Bag
Type Container
Stackable No
Modpacks Included Ultimate, Lite, Tech World, MindCrack, Direwolf20, YogCraft
Data Value 5258
Source Mod RedPower 2

The canvas bag is a container made out of Canvas, and has 27 item slots. This is the same amount of slots available in a single chest.

The canvas bag can be dyed with any dye to give it a specific color. Once dyed, it can be re-dyed.  This will not alter their inventory.

Canvas bags cannot be placed inside each other.

If the canvas bag is removed from the hotbar while open, it will automatically be thrown on the ground.

Each Canvas require 8 pieces of string, making the Canvas Bag require a stack of string. The player must kill spiders, farm Henequen Seeds, or farm Flax Seeds.

Alternatively you can create string by using Wool harvested from sheep in either a Macerator or a Pulverizer, both of which yield 2 string per wool block, or a Wool Card, yielding 4 string per wool block.

Recipe Edit

Crafting GUI.png









Canvas Bag

Each canvas costs eight string and one stick, then each bag requires eight canvas making the total resources required for one bag 64 string and one log to make sticks.

Known BugsEdit

1. Using inventory tweaks functions to move items around will crash your game if it accidentally puts one bag inside another.

2. You can push the same number as the canvas bag in its inventory and then push the same number as the canvas bag which will dupe the item.

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