Canning Machine
Canning Machine
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 617:6
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2
The Canning Machine puts food into Tin Cans to create Canned Food. It is also used to refuel Fuel Cans and Jetpacks. In addition, It can be used to fill up CFPacks.


To start canning, put the food you want to can in the upper slot and the cans in the lower slot and supply power, either by electric cable or with a battery in the left slot. 


The Canning Machine can receive up to 32 EU/t. The Canning Machine cannot be upgraded with a Transformer Upgrade or Overclocker Upgrade, because it does not have the required slots. If you supply it with any more energy than low voltage (32 EU/t), the Canning Machine will explode! The Canning Machine consumes 35 EU per operation and requires a minimum of 1 EU/t to operate continuously.


Crafting GUI.png




Electronic Circuit

Machine Block





Canning Machine

Video TutorialEdit

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Canning Machine02:35

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Canning Machine

This video goes over how to build, power and automate the Canning Machine, as well as the uses and resources needed for it.

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