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Cables are the main electrical transport mechanism of IndustrialCraft2.

Cables are essential for crafting and connecting your electric-powered devices. With them, you can transport and store EU or create anything from basic tools to very advanced machines.

Cables can be either insulated or non-insulated. Most non-insulated cable can shock you when touched, causing damage. Insulated cable is made with rubber.

Note that the rating for each cable is actually per packet, and not total EU/t. This means that the energy from each source has to be at the rating or below, but there is no limit to overal EU/t for each cable as long as that rule is followed.

(i.e. An ultra-low-current cable (5 EU/t rating) can handle the EU/t from 32 manual watermills at once, at 1 EU/packet per mill, that's 32 EU/t total, but it will explode from the output of a batbox, which is also 32 EU/t, but also 32 EU/packet.)

Types of CableEdit


Copper, gold and HV cables have insulation. As mentioned above they stop from getting you shocked. Cables start to shock you at these voltages:


  • Uninsulated Copper Cable                              9 EU/t
  • Insulated Copper Cable                                  NA


  • Uninsulated Gold Cable                                 10 EU/t
  • Insulated Gold Cable                                     33 EU/t
  • 2x Insulated Gold Cable                                 NA



  • Glass Fibre Cable                                         NA


  • Superconductorwire                                      8193 EU/t*

*(The higher the voltage the more damage it does. Around the power of a fusion reactor it will kill a player with one hit even with full gravi armor)

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