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Butterflies are like bees able to pollinate trees, however they don't need a "Home" to live in like bees. Butterflies are a lot rarer than bees. They randomly spawn in the world and can only be caught with a scoop (right click). To release a captured butterfly, use the Q key to drop it from your inventory.  Make sure it is day time. Butterflies are inactive at night.

Butterfly breedingEdit

Butterflies breed by putting 2 butterflies together. Its often a good idea to lock the 2 butterflies together in a greenhouse to make sure they dont fly away from each other. Butterflies can breed into new species just like bees.

Butterflies can be analysed in a Flutterlyzer. It will display its Active and Inactive properties


Species (Displays the name of the butterfly species)

Size (displays what size the Butterfly is Small-Large)

Speed (Displays how fast the butterfly will pollinate)

Metabolism (unknown)

Fertility (displays the area of which the butterfly will pollinate Example: 3x3)

Flowers (Displays what flowers the butterfly needs)

Effect (unknown)


Diurnal (Displays whether or not the butterfly is Diurnal.)

Nocturnal (Displays whether or not the butterfly is Nocturnal.)

Flyer (Unknown)

Fireproof (Displays whether or not the butterfly is fireproof.


Page 3 on the Flutterlyzer is still a work in progress, but it seems it will be used for possible loot drops from the Butterfly and the Caterpillar of a certain species.


Page 4 displays all possible mutations of the selected butterfly.

Butterfly speciesEdit


Black Swallowtail

Blue Duke

Blue Wing


Cabbage White

Camberwell Beauty

Canary Speckled Wood

Citrus Shallowtail


Crimson Rose

Diana Fritillary

Emerald Peacock


Glassy Tiger


Golden Birdwing

Grozora Azure


Latticed Heath

Leopard Lacewing

Madeiran Speckled Wood


Marsh Fritillary

Menelaus Blue Morpho


Orange Tip

Painted Beauty

Painted Lady

Palaeno Sulphur


Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Peleides Blue Morpho



Purple Emperor

Queen of Spain Fritillary

Red Admiral


Rhetenor Blue Morpho

Scotch Angus

Small Tortoiseshell

Speckled Wood

Spicebush Shallowtail

Spring Azure

Thoas Shallowtail


White Admiral

Zebra Shallowtail

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