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someone should fix this place :Pp

buildcraft add's lots of pipes and such... most off the pipes suck but the quarry's are nice.

tip use pnuematic pipes they are better :P

have a great day!


comment: I like this xD ( im not the GearsW )  I think the buildcraft is a mod that add pipes and machines. 


-stone and coblestone pipes : they are equal but they can´t connect with de another. they are slowly

-gold pipe: the gold pipe is fast ( on some versons they need a redstone signal.)

-diamond pipe: the diamond pipe have an interface. You can chose here the itens go.

-wood pipe: the wood pipe will need a engine to pull the itens from a chest or something that can store. 

( the water proof pipes are equal but they transport liquids


Redstone engine: only need a redstone signal

stirling engine: the stirling engine need fuel (coal, wood, ect ) and a redstone signal

combustion engine: the combustion engine need water ( to cooldown ) and a fuel (lava, oil, ect )

( There are another engines that are added by other mods like electrical engine that is add by forestry.


I don´t now much about machines. Just about the quarry XD.

I hope that I have helped.


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