Brain in a Jar
Block Brain in a Jar
Brain in a Jar
Type Block
Physics No
Luminance Yes
Tool None
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3

The Brain in a Jar is an item that is used to store experience from slain monsters near to it. This can be useful for enchanting purposes once max level has been reached. It requires the Warded Jar Research and the Brain in Jar Research. A list of all Researches can be found here.

A Brain in a Jar is limited to a maximum of 1000 xp, which is sufficient to bring a player from level 0 to level 30.  If a Brain in a Jar is picked up, it will spill any experience it is holding.

When the player approaches the Brain in a Jar, the Brain will follow the player. When the player is near, occasionally The Brain in a Jar will produce an eerie sound effect, or shake for no apparent reason.

When xp orbs get close to the Brain in a Jar, it will absorb the xp until it reaches level 30. You can confirm that the Brain is correctly picking up experience by the burping noise it makes when it does this. If you right click a Brain in a Jar it makes a 'bump' and releases some of the xp it contained. Breaking it will dump all stored.


The Brain in a Jar is crafted from a zombie brain, a warded jar, two spider eyes and a bucket of water.

Grid InfusionAltar.png

Spider Eye

Zombie Brain

Warded Jar

Water Bucket

Spider Eye

Brain in a Jar

Also needs 8 Malum, 8 animus, 8 Cognito in the vicinity, and 66 vis