The Boots of the Traveller are magical armor added by Thaumcraft 3 which are crafted at an Infusion Altar and grant the wearer several passive abilities.  The boots will take 352 points of damage before breaking.

Heres a video that show you how the boots of the traveler works


The wearer of these boots are granted the following traits:

  • Increased walking (+36%), sprinting* (+15%), and swimming speeds (+53%).
  • The ability to walk up one-block inclines.
  • Jump two blocks higher (for a total of 3 blocks).
  • Take reduced fall damage (minimum height to take damage 6 blocks, and ~50% less damage).

Note (*): Although the sprinting speed is boosted by 15%, it is actually the same speed as the increased walking pace.  Sprinting still causes the field-of-view to increase and for hunger to set on faster, so it is recommended the wearer avoid sprinting. However, jumping while sprinting travels farther than simply jumping.

Also, this basically makes it like the Power Armor Legs, with infinite energy, sprint assist, swim assist and uphill-step assist . This makes it a much cheaper substitute except as boots, AND with infinite energy. (links because the pages so far are stubs)

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

This pair of enchanted boots have been stuffed full of magic to ease the journey of any traveller. They allow you to move faster than normal and take even tall steps in your stride. They allow you to jump higher and fall further. Lastly they allow you to cut through water like a fish. A relatively slow and clumsy fish, but a fish nonetheless.


Made on an Infusion Altar

Aspects: 8x Aqua, 8x Solum, 8x Tutamen, 24x Motus, 16x Volito

Crafting GUI.png

Air Shard

Enchanted Fabric


Air Shard

Enchanted Fabric


Boots of the Traveller


  • If the Boots of the Traveller are taken off, the ability to walk up one-block inclines will remain until a different pair of boots are equipped.
  • The fall damage reduction ability does not seem to work.

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