Blulectric Engine
Block Blulectric Engine
Name Blulectric Engine
Type Block
Tool Grid Screwdriver
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 753
Source Mod RedPower 2

The Blulectric Engine is a RedPower 2 engine that uses Blutricity to generate Buildcraft 3 power (MJ). It needs a Redstone signal to run as well as Blutricity which is converted into MJ at a rate of 1 kW:1 MJ/t. The engine can output a maximum of 32MJ/t and will automatically adjust itself depending on the requirements of the machine it is powering. Blulectric Engines can't overheat and can't explode.

The most efficient method for powering the Blulectric Engine is to place it in direct contact with Blutricity sources such as Solar Panels or Battery Boxes. Alternatively, one can use Blue Alloy Wire or Jacketed Bluewire to supply the Blulectric Engine with power from distant sources. This method is non-optimal though as it suffers from the wires' distance-related energy loss. After the engine has received sufficient Blutricity, small blue lights near the engine's base will glow to indicate that it is ready to start.

The Blulectric Engine is capable of automatically reducing its power consumption and output (near 0MJ/t) when it detects that the machine being powered is fully charged or incapable of accepting the full 32MJ/t. It is important to note that the Blulectric Engine is not as effective with BuildCraft's Conductive Pipes and can still cause them to overfill and explode. Redstone Energy Conduits, however, do not explode regardless of conducted energy.

Known BugsEdit

A minor bug exists where Wooden Conductive Pipes and Redstone Energy Conduits fail to visually attach to the Blulectric Engine's output even though the pipe/conduit receives and transfers the generated MJ.

This engine throttles down when directly powering a Redstone Energy Cell or a Laser because it can't easily perceive if it needs power or not. Using conductive pipes or Redstone Energy Conduits (recommended) to power a Redstone Energy Cell or Laser will avoid this problem.

Recipe Edit

3. Brass Ingot

1. Glass

1. Blulectric Motor

2. Brass Gear

Crafting GUI.png

Brass Ingot

Brass Gear

Brass Ingot


Blulectric Motor

Brass Ingot

Brass Gear

Blulectric Engine

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