Blastcraft is a mod by cammygames that is included in the Universal Electricity Pack.  It adds a few blast-proof blocks to help fortify your house, as well as Barbed Wire which is not blast-proof but does damage to any mob or player that touches it.

The items in this mod are:

Blastproof Glass

(Blastproof) Lamps*

Blastproof Slab

Blastproof Stairs

Blastproof Trapdoor

Blastproof Wall

Barbed Wire

Rebar mesh*

Safe (Blastcraft)



The items marked with stars are mentioned by the author and in some mod spotlight videos, but I do not see their recipes in the actual mod pack, which contains Blastcraft v03.  I tested the recipes shown by the author and posted on imgur, but they do not work in this version.

The mod's home page is here.

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