Blank Plan
Grid Blank Plan
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 5265
Source Mod RedPower 2
A Blank Plan is used for storing recipes in a Project Table.

To create a Blank Plan, combine Indigo Dye, and Paper in a crafting grid. Create the recipe you want in the project table, and place the Blank Plan on the slot to the left. Click the button on the gui that appears under the slot to turn the Blank Plan into a Plan. Then, when you want to use the Plan, just place the Plan back into that slot, and a *ghost* image of the crafting recipe will appear in the crafting grid. If the required materials are already in the Project Table's inventory, the item can be crafted without placing any materials in the crafting grid. If materials are missing from the Project Table, the ghost image of that missing material will be shaded red. Use Plans when you want to store many recipes in 1 project table (EX: All IndustrialCraft2 recipes, in one table, all RedPower 2 recipes in a different one).


Crafting GUI.png



Blank Plan

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