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Bees were introduced by forestry mod. Extra Bees is a mod that added even more bees to the game. There are 13 types of bees found naturally in the three worlds: the Overworld, the Nether and the End. More informations on the hives and what kind of bees they give can be found on the hives page. They can be obtained by breaking a hive with a scoop, a mining laser, a wand of excavation, a Vajra or a quarry.

Beside the 13 natural types of bees, which are Forest, Meadows, Modest, Marbled, Rocky, Water, Marshy, Wintry, Tropical, Embittered, Ender, Valiant and Steadfast, there are 162 other types of bees that can be bred. Bees can be bred with apiaries or alvearies. More information is available on the bee breeding page.

Once a player is breeding bees, the bees will give the player various types of honeycombs and other products, depending on the type of bee working in the apiary. The main products are honey drops and beeswax, which are obtained in almost any combs, when the comb is put in a centrifuge.

Bee breeding can be automated using buildcraft pipes. Here is a guide to doing so:
FTB Simple Automated Bee Apiary03:09

FTB Simple Automated Bee Apiary

Minecraft FTB Bienenfarm Tutorial 1 (German Deutsch)11:39

Minecraft FTB Bienenfarm Tutorial 1 (German Deutsch)

For the German speaking people :)

Bee list (in alphabetical order)Edit

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