This page will explain how to start Thaumcraft.

Understanding Aspects Edit

Every item has an aspect which is what the item is made of. By hovering over the item with shift in your inventory, you can see the aspects that certain items are made of.

A New World Edit

If you're in a new world or starting on a server with Thaumcraft, and you want to take on the challenge of magic, you need to start Vanilla style. This means you should collect wood and mine and set up a basic shelter. As you mine, you may find stone with colorful lines running through it. This is Infused Stone which drops shard and is one of the most useful blocks in Thaumcraft. Their are six types of shards:

  • Water Shards (blue)
  • Fire Shards (red)
  • Air Shards (yellow)
  • Earth Shards (green)
  • Vis Shards (purple)

Dull shards (dull)

You may notice a few other ores, like Amber and Cinnabar Ore. These are helpful for Research, but for now don't worry about them.

Once you've collected a lot of these, and a lot of basic Vanilla materials, you are ready to begin.

Your Two Entities Edit

You need two more items to continue, and to make them you will need gold, wood, and a bookshelf. You need the Wand of the Apprentice and the Thaumonomicon.

Two Tables Edit

To build simple but magical items, you need the Arcane Worktable. This is made with one table and a flick of your wand. Also, to expand your magical knowledge, you need a Research Table. This is made with two tables instead of one, as well as an ink well and quill.

Bubble, Bubble Edit

Finally, you need your Crucible. This is made by right-clicking a cauldron with your wand. Fill it with water and provide a heat source (lava, fire, etc.) below it. Eventually, you'll see small bubbles boiling up. You can then throw items in the Crucible and use their Aspects in your Infusion Altar.

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