Grid Barrel
Type Block, Storage
Tool Any tool
Stackable 64
Source Mod Factorization
The Barrel is a storage block added by Factorization. It can store 4096 of a single item type (64 standard stacks). The Barrel face shows an image of the item it's storing and a count of how many items are in it.


Crafting GUI.png




Wood Slab







  • Right-click a Barrel with an item in your hand to place the item in the Barrel.
  • Double-right-click with an empty hand (# or the item in your hand) to place all of that item from your inventory into the Barrel.
  • Left-click to remove one stack of that item (or the entire contents if the Barrel contains less than a stack). The items will pop out and onto the ground, similar to a Dispenser.
  • Sneak-left-click to remove a single item.

(# May not work in all Mod Packs/configurable and not the default)

Barrels in Sorting SystemsEdit

A Router connected to a Network of Barrels will attempt to distribute items evenly between them. BuildCraft Pipes, Pneumatic Tubes, and other sorting systems also work with Barrels. Items should be placed into a Barrel from the top, and pulled out from the bottom. Barrels will accept only 64 items if items are fed in through anywhere but the top.

This video shows a large network of barrels in a sorting system being fed by a Router:

FTB Tutorial HUGE Sorting System (Router Thoroughness Fix!)07:25

FTB Tutorial HUGE Sorting System (Router Thoroughness Fix!)

This video demonstrates how to use the best way to use the barrels with the Router in FTB.

Best Storage System With Router Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep11:29

Best Storage System With Router Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 22 (DuhWynning)-2

Video made by DuhWynning

Barrel UpgradeEdit

A Barrel can be upgraded into an Extra-Dimensional Storage (Barrel Upgrade), which allows it to hold as many as 65536 of a single item type (1024 stacks of 64).

Breaking BarrelsEdit

Upgraded or not, breaking a Barrel will release no more than 64 stacks of its contents onto the ground (plus itself and the upgrade if applied), regardless of stack size or the number of items in the barrel. You can tell a Barrel is overloaded by looking at the item count on its face; if the count is surrounded by double exclamation marks, the Barrel is overloaded, and some items inside it will be lost if it's broken.


File:Barrel - Tutorial Feed the Beast
File:Block Spotlight Barrel Upgrade
File:Block Spotlight - Barrel

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