Bacon Gun
Bacon Gun
Type Transportation Tool
Stackable No
Source Mod Portal Gun Mod
The Bacon Portal Gun  is a variant of the Portal Gun, and part of the Portal Gun Mod, and the most delicious one at that! The Bacon Gun was designed for SMP, as it it the only gun which is private (others with a Bacon Portal Gun will not be able to change your portals). This makes it very useful in large servers, where creating an underground, underwater, or floating base is hard to get to. The colours the Gun shoots can be configured in the client side config file of the Portal Gun Mod.

In order to use the Bacon Portal Gun, one must right click on one location they would like, and left click on the other. The portals should connect, and the player should be able to walk through them. Be careful with making Portals, as mobs can go through them as well. In addition, if one would like to clear their Portal Gun, pressing R would reset all Portals. G will pick up blocks or mobs, which is especially useful in transporting passive mobs to desired locations (no more wheat and minecarts!).


Crafting GUI.png

Raw Porkchop

Portal Gun

Bacon Portal Gun

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Video TutorialEdit

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Alternate Portal Guns03:44

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Alternate Portal Guns

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Portal Config File04:18

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Portal Config File

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