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Axe of the Stream
Grid Axe of the Stream
Type Tool
Stackable no
Data Value 25299
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3

The Axe of the Stream is a tool useful for harvesting bigger trees. Unlike a normal axe, the Axe of the Stream breaks trees from top down to the block that is clicked on. The Axe will harvest all branches of a tree.

Since it is made out of Thaumium, the Thaumcraft Enchantments will work on it, including Repair, allowing you to use the axe infinitely.

Heres a video that shows you how the axe of the stream works


The Elemental Axe has three modes:

Normal Magic ModeEdit

The axe of the stream cuts the tree down (only wood) from the block furthest away to the block are chopping at. Therefore, it doesn't matter which block you start at. It will chop down the tree either way.

Super Magic ModeEdit

When you're clicking the left- and right mouse button at the same time, the axe will break the tree as fast as light. But the durability will also decrease much faster.

Normal ModeEdit

When you don't want to use the magical aspects of this axe, simply sneak when breaking. It will act like a normal axe. It will not break as fast.


The Axe of the Stream crafted in an Infusion Altar with a Thaumium Axe and a Wand of Frost.

Research Aqua, Instrumentum, Lignum, and Motus

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